Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | New Trailer

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    "We have unfinished business." See Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow” in theaters or on Disney+ with Premier Access on July 9. Additional fee required.
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      Ommmala ulti da....

    2. nadine amanta

      i can feel my tears pouring when im gonna watch this movie and its not even july yet-

    3. Catalina Sweet Music

      It looks like a great movie !!! I hope to be able to see it soon at the cinema !!! 🎥🎬

    4. Inspirational Goosebumps

      1:20 when i see mandalorian collab with marvel

    5. What The Dude

      avenger the orginal cast is the best! i hate the fact its over :( every 1st of may during my birthday , marvel use to release movies in India and made my birthday week special, but that ride is now ended

    6. I just Love Erza

      Lets be honest... *No One* can play the role of Black Widow better than Scarlett Johanson

    7. Jaden Lu

      task master be like: hi I am hawktain panther. (a mix of Hawkeye captain America and black panther)

    8. Aqeel Ahmad

      waiting for this master piece.

    9. jim jam

      We should’ve got this YEARS AGO.

    10. Janibek Abenov

      Clint barton

    11. Hamdaniatun Nur Setiono

      Masih hidup gak sih dia?


      Fabulous 😍😍😍

    13. AK-85

      Mission Impossible 7 : Black Widow

    14. SoundWave

      0:49 Black Widow's dad is Jigsaw confirmation.

    15. Louiese

      It would've been perfect if it wast July 8 though

    16. Arul Raja

      Ivanunga trailer ellam tamil trailer alavuku kuda views varla.ivanunga busy ah irukanungala ila naama vetti ah irukoma.

    17. mohd sameer

      This is the new title of Avengers

    18. mohd sameer

      Avengers game is not over

    19. VA1NA1

      Ngl after seeing the first few seconds I thought it was one of those fake trailers

    20. Subham Das

      Zemo: I have no intention to leave my work unfinished Marvel: releases 3rd trailer for black widow 😂

    21. Ashish Gupta

      All you do is pump out trailers. Is the movie even there ? Or have you guys just made the trailer? Black widow is a movie; people will stop caring for it sooner or later if you keep delaying it 🙄 Whatever

      1. Track Hero

        Lol. Literally hundreds of movies have been delayed, where have you been? Yes a couple of movies have come out on streaming, but it's not financially viable for studios to do that for all their big ticket items. Pretty simple.

    22. GhostPrime21

      wish this was released before endgame tbh

    23. Khushi Kaushal

      It's my birthday on 9 July

    24. Mark Abrahams

      “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes - @firekathleenkennedy Time to cancel the cancel culture.

    25. ahmad ghaza

      Bukannya black window udah meninggal Not that the black widow has died

    26. Ayush Patel

      Looks like a blockbuster...cant do this mistake of underestimating black widow

    27. Dikashun

      Its a mission for Ethan Hunt

    28. Ali

      seeing my favourite dead people are fun

    29. Bruce

      Man, Scarlet deserves this to come out when there isn't a pandemic.

    30. FXxxxXF

      Where is Iron Man?

    31. Tezzington Sir


    32. Anirban Samanta

      Whoever decided to make it additional fee for access at Disney+ is a moron. Good luck!

    33. LWM

      The thing I hate about this trailer is I might have watched all of its best parts in under 2min. Still gonna watch it but I like surprises.

    34. 칼루타아쿠아


    35. Frank Walker

      9th july😱,, it's my Birthday 🥰🥰

    36. Rahul Rampage

      0:48 its basically the english version of *Maari chhoriya chhoro se kam hai ke*

    37. Devansh Singh

      I want to the hottest avenger in 4k

    38. UnLogitech

      can't wait to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    39. Mills Jacob

      The known stream indirectly fasten because honey hooghly spot per a absurd option. neighborly, scarce hardhat

    40. CoolWorldCity

      No One cares anymore. You waited to long and you're charging $30 just to watch it. It should be free on Disney plus just like New releases are free on hbomax


      What's the timeline in this omvie?

    42. Nikitha Reddy


    43. Chatpati Zindgi

      Very very nice ❤️❤️❤️❤️ New friends

    44. David Vision

      The actor playing Taskmaster is black.

    45. Ayse Rose


    46. Kaisen

      Fun Fact : Taskmaster is the guy she was fighting with the shield

    47. Ami Soehendro


    48. Daniel Garcia

      I Luv Marvel.!

    49. Viktoriq Juvanova

      OMG 🤭

    50. Govanni Delrio


    51. Hungerdragon son

      Ohh thats why it took time coz its amazing cant wait to watch

    52. Motilal Ghimere

      Is this next series of avengers

    53. whiskey_bent

      And for the low low price of $60, because disney premiere is $30/month and they release a move every 2 months, you can view this movie 3 weeks earlier than if you just stick with your regular disney+ subscription...

    54. Devendra Singh

      Release on my birthday 🙄😁

    55. Saurabh Chouhan

      Can anyone call iron man for this movie he can finish it in 10 minutes

    56. Saurabh Chouhan

      Can anyone call iron man for this movie he can finish it in 10 minutes

    57. Sri Kanth

      Natasha 😘😘😘

    58. Pranovius pandey

      I like taskmaster.......a super interesting villain 🔥🔥🎉

    59. Donullia Donullia

      Had goosebumps in the full trailer

    60. Niroob Chakravarthy


    61. Abhay Prajapati

      Can't wait 😭😭😭😭😭

    62. Manishka P

      i waited last year, i ain't gonna lose it this time.

    63. Wallace Rose

      About six years too late, but this does look good!

    64. Aaftab Ansari

      It's look like GI,JOE 3

    65. Gaurav Padiyar

      Now this does put a smile on face.

    66. Shintaro Kazami


    67. sai3000pro


    68. Aryan

      The most influential character in marvel and DC as well , when it comes to have comparison with any other female characters. Will be waiting..

    69. rahul singking

      Bc 2 saal se trailer hi release Kar Rahe ho Kabhi movie release kardo..

    70. Vijay Kumar

      0:45 pubg player can find it😁

    71. Ihsan Abu thair

      This is too badass I can’t wait to see it 😱

    72. Film Freak

      me praying after i watch this trailer: "Father god, i pray that this would not another typical feminist bad super movie, with a relatable protagonist, unlike Captain marvel, and birds of prey, in jesus name, AMEN"

    73. Arthur He

      but she died with that pony tail

    74. Destiel 69

      Meh you just know there ain't gonna be powers in this so it gonna be boring as hell

    75. WilluziGA _

      What if she’s still alive. Steve goes back to give the soul stone and in return he gets nat back.

    76. Rick Motazz

      Feminism is Cancer

    77. RenaldoSeguin

      I still don’t buy that this movie is coming out.

    78. Evan Kromosemito

      why dis look like a fast and furious trailer?



    80. Mystify

      I pray to see more captain America

    81. Đặng Nguyên Phương

      Miss her,Natasha Romanoff-Black Widow. She' s back. She deserved to have her own movie in MCU.

    82. Joshua Hull

      They better not winter soldier task master

    83. minij hooi

      Plot twist: The after-credits will be about her meeting Gamora in the Soul Realm as a teaser for GotG 3

    84. The 46 Weirdos of the United States

      If this happened after civil war then why would it show her in endgame

    85. bob

      lets hope she only kills people and doesn't offend them, that would be far to bad

    86. Jovani Mendoza

      Idk why taskmaster is going to be a female

      1. Dashmixt

        Taskmaster is hawkay

    87. noa ma’ukoloa

      whaaaat a queen

      1. minij hooi

        How many masks and helmets? MCU:- yas.

    88. X Æ A Xii

      Nice PUBG song

      1. X Æ A Xii

        @Track Hero i know

      2. Track Hero

        lol pubG's melody comes straight out of the avengers theme

    89. ItzAham

      Why am I only just seeing this trailer a week later

    90. Donald Hellscream

      I forgot this movie existed Still didn’t redesigned taskmaster

    91. greenpaperman

      my birthday present this one

    92. Hamd Ahmed

      am i the only one pissed about how they handled her demise?she gave up her life not knowing if they would win,and there was so funeral and no mention after that god awful,forced scene by the lake.She was just as important and interesting as iron man

    93. Likas Papaya

      The MCU is coming full force

    94. Mister SoMeister Backup

      I am still looking forward to seeing this movie

    95. Marisa Powell

      is no one else freaking out that florence pugh is in this

    96. Freezie

      Taskmaster better not die in this movie.

    97. matthew gallaway

      Does anyone still care about this one? Black widow should have gotten her movie 7 years ago

    98. Technically Speaking


    99. Mista

      I'm definitely watching

    100. Hafiz pit

      I'm just waiting for Scarlett.